WebVR - Aframe

February 1, 2021

Created as part of my studies for another department of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, this WebVR application was created as support to teach the concept of dertermining bacteria through a interactive manner. The whole app was made using the A-Frame framework, which is a JavaScript based framework.

The goal is to awnser the different questions correctly to open the doors and reach the end where you eventually reach the used bacteria. Because determining of bacteria is a quite linear path, where you perform certain test to move down a decision tree, and the limitations to the tool we had; we decided to focus on the concept instead of the proceedings during the tests.

The way it works is that you can walk around using the small black tiles on the floor. To perform this action, you have to aim the cursor on a tile and you will slowly move to that point. Interacting with certain items or levers works all the same.

Check it out yourself on:


Disclaimer: Everything is written in Dutch